Media Registration

DomCon LA makes it easy for you to cover America's Premier Professional and Lifestyle Domination Convention by pre-registering press and media. Press and media may register up through May 4th, 2014. Print and Internet Media staff is limited to one (1) writer and one (1) photographer. Electronic and broadcast Media staff is limited to three (3) unless pre-approved by DomCon LA 2013 organizers

You will receive an e-mail confirmation of your credential qualification and may pickup badges from the Registration Desk at the convention. Legal identification, such as a drivers license or a passport, and business card is required to pick up Press/Media badges..

To receive press credentials for DomCon LA, you must first establish credibility by provide one or more of the following:

  1. A copy of a published article with your byline
  2. A publication masthead listing you as a contributor/staff member
  3. A letter from your publisher/editor or broadcast producer on official stationary from a recognized media outlet.
  4. Present proof of pre-publicity on an adult news web site or in print media

PLEASE NOTE... All media requests will be thoroughly researched before being rejected or granted, so please furnish accurate information and contacts to avoid delay or rejection of your request.

Anyone may film or take photos of the talent ONLY with permission, including press. Do not request the talent to flash or display any type of nudity. This, or any other disruptive actions or activity may result in immediate ejection and void your press privilege permanently. DO NOT PHOTOGRAPH OR FILM ANYONE WHO DOES NOT GIVE CONSENT
E-mail for more Media Registration Information or to register