DomCon LA Social Events

The Mistress Dinner

The Mistress Dinner is scheduled for Thursday evening May 10th at 6:00 PM. The Dinner is open to all the Ladies who identify as "Dominant Women" and one guest. Professional and Lifestyle Ladies are welcome to attend. This is a great way for new Ladies atending the event to meet  others, including the organizers and Guests of Honor.

Cost is $45 per person and includes the meal, tax AND gratuity. The Dinner includes salads, breads, entrees (typically 3), sides, iced tea and a choice of dessert. Pre-Registration REQUIRED and attendance is limited, so REGISTER NOW.

he Red Carpet Social
The Red Carpet Social is an event with the glitz and glamour worthy of a Hollywood premiere. Founded by Goddess Phoenix, this is the event to see and be seen. Dommes from all over the world will make their grand entrance to the Opening Ceremonies in spectacular, designer latex and fetish wear. With paparazzi photographers and video interviews, this is the opportunity for the Infamous Dommes from around the world to let everyone know about themselves, their websites and any of their upcoming events. The imaginative, creative entrances will show the rest of the world Ė this is DOMCON! The Red Carpet Social takes place on Thursday evening at 8pm, so donít be late!


The DomCon LA Red Carpet Social takes placeThursday Night May 10th at 8pm at Sanctuary Studios LAX located at 10914 S. La Cienega Bl, Lennox, CA 90304 just 5 minutes from the hotel. Free shuttle to and from The Hilton LAX


The Opening Ceremonies

The DomCon Opening Ceremonies follows The Red Capet Social Thursday night at 9pm. The Opening Ceremonies is a gathering  where members of The BDSM, Leather, Fetish and Professional Communities come together to celebrate the start of another great DomCon Weekend. Leather, Latex and Fetish Attire are abundant at The Meet and Greet and photo ops galore. There is no specific dress code, however, "Dress To Impress" seems to be the common theme with most attendees, including the many Professional Dominas and Fetish Models from all over America, dressing in their "Fetish Best" !!! The Mistresses of Ceremonies, The Guests of Honor and The  Presenters of the weekend's workshops are introduced and recognized at The DomCon Opening Ceremonies, which also features fetish entertainment on stage. Stick around after The Opening Ceremonies for some "Kinky Karaoke" or BDSM fun. The dungeon will be available for those who would like to play after the formalities.

The DomCon LA Opening Ceremonies start at 9:00 PM on Thursday Night, May 10th at Sanctuary Studios LAX 10914 S. La Cienega Bl, Lennox (Inglewood) Ca 90304. Sanctuary Studios LAX is located about 5 minutes from the Hilton LAX.  There will be a free shuttle rnning between Sanctuary LAX and The Hilton LAX  from 7:45pm until 1:30am. GET YOUR TICKETS NOW.


The ProDomme Social

Each year since 2004, Professional Dominatrices travel from all over America, Europe and abroad to attend DomCon in Los Angeles. Many of these Industry Professionals have never met in person, so this Social is a great opportunity to meet and network with other Dominas from other areas of the country and the world. This is also a great chance for many of the newer Dominas to to get introduced to many of the more established Dominas. The ProDomme Social was first held back at the very first DomCon in 2004, and has been at every single DomCon ever since. The Social takes place on Friday May 10th from 6-7pm in Mistress Cyan's private suite. Please check in with DomCon Rehistration in the Lower Lobby of the hotel for more info and room number. This social is open to Professional Dominas ONLY. Hosted by Mistress Cyan, Founder & Executive Producer of DomCon.


The DomCon-Nection

The  DomCon-nection is a fun event designed to help DomCon attendees meet, get to know one another, make new friends, playdates, or more. The event is modelled after the popular "speed-dating" concept, but not restricted to singles. Anyone wanting to make connections with folks on the other end of the spectrum are welcome to participate. Since being introduced a few years ago by Mistress Ellen, more than 40 attendees now participate, so get there early and get your seat!

Each dominant (or submissive) who participates will get to have a brief 1-on-1 conversation with every submissive (or dominant) who participates. After each conversation, they will discreetly mark down whether or not they're interested in the other. At the end of the event, we'll match up interested dominants and submissives, and it's up to them what happens from there. This is a great way to meet people you might not otherwise meet. New to DomCon? Meet people who can show you the ropes. Shy? This is your chance to talk to those people you only admire from afar! Ready to try something new? Here's your opportunity to find somebody who wants to try it with you. Don't miss it. The DomCon-Nection  takes place in The Lower Lobby from 7-8pm on Friday night after the Exhibit Hall closes.


The BDSM Lifestyle Social

The BDSM Lifestyle Social is an opportunity for lifestylers to come together in an informal, relaxed atmosphere to meet new, like-minded people sharing a common interest. Appetizers, snacks and reefreshements available to those in attendance. The social is open to all who consideer temselves "lifestyle",  those who are cusious about the lifestyle, and those looking to meet new people in the lifestyle. 


The Male Dom Social

This Social is for all those who identify as Male Dominants. First hosted by Sir Nik back in 2010, this social gathering for the men is always very well attended and received. The Social will be held in Mistress Cyan's Suite at 6pm on Saturday, May 12th. Please check the DomCon Registration Desk in  the Lower Lobby for room number and other info. Refreshments and spirits will be served by female submissives. 


The Fetishists Social

This is the Social for The Fetishists to meet, mingle and indulge in various fetishes with others who share the same interests. Attendees will be treated to complimentary champagne and munchies! The Fetishist Social was first introduced at DomCon Atlanta in 2009 by Mistress LunaSea of Charlotte, NC and was added to DomCon Atlanta's regular schedule in 2010.  Those attending the Fetishist Social in Atlanta had so much fun, the decision was made to add it to the agenda for DomCon LA in 2011 and is now a permanent addition to DomCon. The Fetishist Social will be held at Sanctuary Studios on Saturday night May 20th at 8:00 PM just prior to the DomCon LA Fetish Ball. Fetish attire is REQUIRED to attend The Fetishist Social, no jeans, t-shirts or casual attire will be admitted  There is no additional charge to attend The Fetishist Social, but a DomCon Fetish Ball ticket is required for admittance. Tickets for The DomCon Fetish Ball can be purchased in advance for $25 online or at the DomCon Registration Booth located in the lower lobby of The Hilton LAX. Tickets will also be available for $30 at the Sanctuary Studios door on the night of the event.


The Master/slave Social

The Master/slave Social was introduced to the schedule back in 2014 by Sir Valentino Harrison to bring those in the MAsT groups together to meet and network, and to teach and introduce those who are new to the lifestyle what the Master/slave dynamic is all about. This social has a more protocol-oriented atmosphere than most other socials


The Mistress Tea

The Mistresses Tea has become one of The DomCon favorites over the years. Originally conceived and hosted by the late Sabrina Belladonna at the first DomCon LA in 2004, The Mistress Tea has become a tradition and has been presented at each and every DomCon in LA, Atlanta and New Orleans ever since. This Sunday afternoon Tea is open to all The Mistresses, both Professional and Lifestyle, to meet and mingle in a casual environment as they are served by submissive males and maids as the convention winds down. This is a great opportunity for The Ladies to still meet those who they have not yet met, and socialize with the ones they have. The DomCon LA 2018 Mistresses Tea starts at 3:00 PM Sunday afternoon. The Mistresses Tea is one hour, and time really flies, so plan on getting there on time !!!

The VIP Social

he VIP Social takes place on Sunday night at 6:30 just after the close of the exhibitor hall and just prior to the After Party at 8PM. Enjoy some appetizers and refreshments before heading back to the final event of the weekend, The DomCon After Party!  For VIP badge holders and specially invited dignitaries only.